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Why does my oil not pump freely from the bottle?

The product in the bottle form is very convenientduring warmer temperatures. Similar to other natural oils, Shea oil does solidify when it gets cold. Monshea shea oil is pure making it more beneficial for you. We do not add water or other emollients to so it may on occasion not flow freely.

If you place the bottle on a warm radiator, or in a cup of boiled water it will melt very quickly and be ready to be used on your skin or hair.

How can I minimise spillages?

In warmer temperature, your Monshea shea oil product in the aluminium tin should be kept away from direct sunlight to avoid spillages when opening it. It is advisable to keep it in a cool environment.


Can I use all the Monshea range on my skin?

The Monshea range is versatile so therefore all of the range can be used on your skin and hair apart from Monshea hair oil which should only be used on your hair.


What can i use on my  dry hair?

You can use Pure shea oil directly  on you hair when it is dry especially the ends in between washes, and use it alongside your conditioner  as part of a deep conditioning regime and rinse after 15 minutes when you are washing your hair.

You can also add 1 part shea oil  1 part conditioner to 4 parts of filtered  water to a spray bottle to make  your own spritz. Use when needed . This will, keep your hair moisturised and act as a de-tangler when styling Afro, curly or mixed heritage hair


What can I use for a dry or itchy scalp?

Monshea scalp oil with peppermint and rosemary is very effective for dry scalps. The anti bacterial properties . anti inflammatory properties will reduce the itchiness. The rich oil will moisturise and absorb into your scalp not leaving it  greasy .

.If you however think you have a medical condition like Seborrheic dermatitis it is advisable to consult a physician first.


How can I use Scalp oil?

If you have longer hair  use a long tail comb to part  your hair to reveal your scalp apply a small of scalp oil to your scalp unil you have moisyurised your whole scalp or a particular area and then massage for a couple of minutes with the balls of your fingers.