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Having had acne from a young age. You could say I spent a good portion of my early life dealing with living with the embarrassment, of bad skin!

I was introduced to Shea oil and shea butter, I loved it so much, that I decided to start a business with them.

Our multi-use products are made from Shea oil in the UK. It is easy to apply to your skin and hair. It absorbs, moisturizes, and is long-lasting.

W are proud that our multi-purpose award-winning products made from shea oil are authentic, effective, and trustworthy.

Monshea shea oil will also help to even your skin tone, be antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory.

We source the raw ingredients directly from our suppliers in Ghana. They belong to an alliance that supports and teach sustainable initiatives regarding the picking and storing of shea nuts.

 They are ethical regarding the working conditions and the payments to Shea nut pickers and support them with schemes and training to boost their income and teach them collective bargaining powers

The challenge I had is not in making products, but feeling worthy enough to sell them

How can an ex-teenager with acne-prone, problem skin, and a ‘bad hair life’, be qualified to sell anything with ‘beauty’ in the title?

I had spent years, not being able to look in the mirror around other people (as I can see the contrast on how well they looked compared to how bad I did), and many more avoiding the camera!

What distorts what you see in the mirror is not your reflection but your mindset!

The Monshea range is for women who judge themselves harshly and have replaced the vulnerabilities of a teenager with the vulnerabilities that have now arrived with Menopause.

Our vision is “To be a wellness brand that makes moisturizing products and offers mindset strategies, so when you are experiencing hormonal changes that come with menopause, you will look and feel good despite your age or the change