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Why do natural products cost more?

Why do natural products cost more?

Have you wondered why natural products cost more than their conventional equivalents? 

Are natural beauty products better?

Do you love the idea of using natural products, but you find the price prohibitive, you just do not want to take the ‘punt’ only to discover it has become the latest addition to your collection of unused beauty products!

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Why do natural products cost more?

Have a look at the first three ingredients in your skin or hair product.  

They are likely to contain Aqua (water) Petroleum, petrolatum, mineral oil, or glycerine.

These ingredients help to hydrate the skin by either drawing moisture from the lower levels of your skin or to act as a barrier to prevent you from losing moisture from the external layers of your skin.   Their popularity is linked to their effectiveness.

They are also very inexpensive ingredients.

Our range Monshea does not contain water. The base of our products is Pure shea oil.

It is not watered down that is why it is so rich (a little goes an exceedingly long way). The cost of natural raw ingredients is far higher than the cost of synthetic or chemical ingredients.

Our completely natural oil is extracted from Shea nuts, and we import the oil from Ghana to the UK.

Are natural products better?


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Natural products are better as they have multipurpose benefits are good for your skin and hair, they do not contain chemicals that can be absorbed from the skin into the bloodstream. They are also better off the environment.

Monshea pure shea oil is not only a very moisturizing natural product but also an antioxidant Which means it will neutralize free radicals. Free radicals harm your cells and are linked to illness, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

It also contains Retinol which is an anti-aging benefit and has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is ideal to help stiff or swollen muscles. This makes it an especially useful product to combat dry skin and some of the physical effects of the aging process.

So what do you think, are natural products better, and is the extra cost justifiable?

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