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Why are moisturised hands important?

Why are moisturized hands important?

Now more than ever before in our lifetime, we are focussed on maintaining an excellent hand hygiene routine.

But is there a vital step that you have overlooked?

“Keeping skin moisturized is important,” said Craig Shapiro, an attending physician in pediatric infectious diseases at Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Delaware. “If the skin is breaking down or raw, then the soap and alcohol disinfectants do not work as well. Also, when skin is chapped and broken, it’s uncomfortable, and people can be less likely to wash their hands to prevent transmission of germs and infection.” 

Monshea Pure shea oil is extracted from shea nuts. It is an emollient so it will soften your hands and lock in the moisture.

This rich oil is also occlusive so it provides a barrier for your skin and prevents the loss of moisture in between trans epidermal  layers of your skin making it an ideal tool during this period of increased handwashing, preventing sore, dry & cracked hands

This richly moisturizing oil means that one drop on your skin goes a very long way offering excellent value for money.

It absorbs and softens your skin leaving it feeling like silk.

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Suitable for use for the whole family.

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