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What is Shea oil?

 Have you heard of Shea butter?

It is a very moisturizing natural butter and you will find it as an ingredient in many skin and hair products.
However, have you ever heard of  Shea oil which comes from Shea butter? 


shea nuts

What is Shea oil?

Shea oil comes from the inside of the kernel of Shea fruit (just like shea butter).

How can Shea oil help you?

Shea butter oil has fatty acids A, E, & F This translates to natural anti-aging oil, will even out your skin tone and fades scarring, is anti-inflammatory so it reduces swelling and alleviates stiff and aching muscles too.


monshea melted shea oil

Is Shea oil melted Shea butter?

One way pure shea oil is formed is by extracting it from Shea butter in the manufacturing process. The oil melts at a lower temperature so it is fractionated from the butter.

What advantage does Shea oil have over Shea butter?

As Pure Shea oil contains less of the fatty acid that gives Shea butter it's hard, & waxy composition it is much easier to use and melts on your skin instantly.

It has all the benefits of Shea butter

Is Shea oil tested on animals?

Monshea Shea oil is cruelty-free. This completely natural oil is not tested on our animal friends. 


samples of pure shea oil

Would you like to try some for free?

If you would like to try a sample (P&P) costs apply. Use this link here



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