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What is best for your skin, a moisturiser or an oil?


What is best for your skin, a moisturizer or an oil?

 The use of face coverings, central heating, and the colder weather, longer and hotter showers are all contributors that make your skin lose moisture and subsequently become dry.

 Hormonal changes that occur i.e. the decline of estrogen due to the menopause process reduce your body's natural ability to replace moisture.

If you do not take action to remedy this, it will lead to premature aging and the discomfort and irritation of having dry skin!

What is the best thing to restore or retain moisture?

Should you use a moisturizer or a natural oil?

What is the difference?


What is a moisturizer?

A moisturizer contains water (normally the largest ingredient), oils, and emulsifiers (this binds water and oil together).

According to https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/moisturizers-do-they-work moisturizers help with dry skin for a pretty simple reason: they supply a little bit of water to the skin and contain a greasy substance that holds it in

Moisturizers are designed to be hydrating.

What is an Oil?

An oil is occlusive. It helps to block or stop the evaporation of water from your skin.

Natural Oils like Shea butter, Shea oil, Almond oil, or coconut oil are occlusive.

The higher the content of Oil in a product, the more expensive the product would be.

This depends on the oil of course.

Also bear in mind that a product with higher oil content tends to last a lot longer so they do offer great value for money.


A very popular form of an inexpensive occlusive is Petroleum jelly which you see in products or probably used in the past in the form of  Vaseline. 


The composition of some oils (Shea butter, Shea oil, Avocado oil, Mango butter) makes it more absorbent.

If your skin tends to get very dry, or you have psoriasis or eczema please bear this in mind.

So what is the best thing for your skin?

The role of a moisturizer is to hydrate the skin. the purpose of oil is to act as a barrier to retain moisture.
So they are both good for the skin!
Our skin needs water/ moisture to prevent it from being dry sore or flaky.

A good moisturizer should do that.

However in colder seasons, and if you are experiencing menopause symptoms I recommend topping up with a  rich moisturizing natural oil.

Natural oils including   Shea butter or  Pure Shea oil are more effective when used when your skin is damp.

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