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Do you have hyperpigmentation on your face?

Have you had to live with dark patches of hyperpigmentation on your face for several years now?

You finally got over acne but the battle against the skin scarring that has occurred has lasted far longer.

Everyone else in your circle has perfect skin. This makes you even more self-conscious of your own so much, that it even affects your confidence at times that you are happy to stay in the background.

Definition of hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation describes the dark patches that are on your skin. This is caused by excess melanin production. Melanin is your skin pigment.

Hyperpigmentation causes

The excess melanin production that happens because of post-operation scars, or from wound injuries can cause hype pigmentation. Melasma that can occur in pregnancy, eczema scars, hormonal changes during menopause,  causing 

age or liver spots are also forms of hyperpigmentation.

If you picked your spots when you were younger you are likely to have the scars of evidence of this still, in adulthood in the form of dark patches many years later. Age or liver spots are also forms of hyperpigmentation.

 The severity of this differs. Many women will use makeup to cover up this condition, but many men will not. So how can you or they get rid of it?




 Hyperpigmentation treatment.

       .   A healthy diet balanced can help.

  •  Use a sun protector whenever you go out in the sun. The sun exacerbates hyperpigmentation. as the sun helps you to produce more melanin.

  • Prevention is better than cure – Keep your hands away from your skin that way you are less likely to pick it.

 Hyperpigmentation cream

Your doctor or pharmacist may recognize Vitamin C options, steroids, or other skin lightening solutions to use as a hyperpigmentation cream,

What I have found to be quite an effective cream for hyperpigmentation is using Monshea shea butter.

Adopting a simple skincare regime with a combination of African Black Soap with Neem oil and Shea butter or Pure Shea oil is useful.

Neem oil  & Shea butter contains vitamin E. Vitamin E fades scars including acne scars. They both have anti-inflammatory properties.

Eric had very bad acne scarring as a teenager. Using Shea butter and black soap helped the scarring to fade away.

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