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Action needed to save Shea Parklands!


Global Shea Alliance Launches ‘Shea More Love’ on International Day of Rural Women

Monshea Supports GSA’s Efforts to Ensure the Livelihoods of Millions of African Women



ACCRA, GHANA, October, 15, 2021—The Global Shea Alliance (GSA) today launched ‘Shea More Love’ to raise awareness about the Action for Shea Parklands (ASP), a sustainability initiative that aims to grow 10 million trees, restore 4 million hectares of parklands, sequester 882,000 tons of CO2 carbon, and train 250,000 people on sustainable parkland management. ‘Shea More Love’ will not only raise awareness about ASP, but also help drive donations to the Parkland Restoration Fund (PRF) which will support the achievement of ASP goals by raising $65.5M over 10 years.


“Launching ‘Shea More’ Love on International Day of Rural Women helps us bring to light the tremendous impact shea has on 16 million rural African women who rely on the shea parklands as a primary source of income,” said Simballa Sylla, President at GSA. “We are working with partners across the globe to highlight the urgency to take action now to ensure the livelihoods of millions of women and their communities while protecting the African landscape. The survival of shea trees is critical to reversing some of the pressing climate challenges faced in this region


Every year, West Africa loses approximately eight million trees due to tree removal for firewood, pressure from increasing populations, loss of fallows, and clearing of land for commercial agriculture. GSA reports that if the industry does not take action now, shea supply may not meet demand by 2044, meaning the shea harvest will no longer meet production needs for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


As a woman shea collector, I am pleased to serve on the committee. To see this campaign launch gives me hope that the rural women in the industry, the parklands, and the generation to come have a more resilient future,” said Sita Coulibaly, Women Collector Representative on PRF committee. “These parklands we are trying to save have seen me through phases of my life. In the spirit of regeneration, I encourage everyone to ‘Shea More Love’”.


Kindly contact Cindy Laird, ASP Coordinator to register as an advocate or donate online directly at www.actionforshea.com.




Contact: Cindy Laird

Global Shea Alliance






About Monshea

 In order to help those in our extended family who have dry or  sensitive skin, acne or its scarring,  as well as those who have challenges of dealing with thick , curly or frizzy coarse hair.

We (myself and husband who is a Scientist) were inspired to formulate products and subsequently launched the Monshea brand.

Our product range is unique. It is made from Shea nut oil. this has the same fatty acids as Argan oil but in different proportions.. Customers are immediately impressed how absorbing , moisturising  and long lasting our products are.

We source our raw ingredients directly from  suppliers in Ghana. These suppliers belong to an organisation  (like we do )that promotes sustainable initiatives and support the Shea pickers with different schemes and training to boost their incomes and give them collective bargaining power.

About the Action for Shea Parklands

The Action for Shea Parklands (ASP) is part of GSA’s sustainability program aimed at mobilizing industry to grow 10 million trees over the next 10 years in response to the declining tree population. Across West Africa, shea trees population are increasingly on the decline due to commercial agriculture, tree removal for charcoal, reduced fallows, and climate change. Through ASP, the GSA and its members aim to protect the existing stock of shea trees and plant new ones to ensure the sustainability of the shea industry.


About the Parkland Restoration Fund


The Parkland Restoration Fund (PRF) is the established funding mechanism to achieve the ASP objectives. The PRF is funded through GSA member donations, private individual donation, Government and Donor contributions as well as Carbon sales, and other revenues related to complementary business Activities. The PRF funds will be managed by the PRF Board and the Management Team and invested through an annual grant program. GSA will solicit, evaluate, distribute, support, and monitor projects that positively impact the lives of rural women farmers and their communities.




About Global Shea Alliance


The Global Shea Alliance (GSA) is a non-profit industry association with 706 members from 36 countries including women collectors and processors, brands and retailers, ingredient suppliers, civil society, research institutions, and policy makers. Through public-private partnerships, the GSA promotes industry sustainability, quality practices and standards, and the demand for shea in food and cosmetics. For more information, please visit http://www.globalshea.com/.




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