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9 Reasons why Menopause affects your skin.

The truth of the matter is that many women start menopause without the realization that the changes they are experiencing are a result of menopause.


What is the Menopause?

This natural biological occurs as your body is reducing the amount of estrogen and progesterone hormones. These hormones are responsible for female production capabilities.

 You officially reach Menopause 12 months after your last period. That is the day you can say you are in Menopause.

Twenty-four hours after that you are postmenopausal.

The menopause symptoms you experience occur in the transition to menopause or perimenopause (before menopause).


hot flush

Let’s look at how Menopause can affect your skin.

  1. The changes in your skin during menopause are the result of declining estrogen

  2. Estrogen is responsible for stimulating the formulation of your body oils. In menopause this declines, so you are left with drier skin.

  3. The reduction of Estrogen in menopause means that your body’s ability to retain moisture has also been reduced.


    4 Estrogen affects the production of melanin which can cause hyperpigmentation or accentuate age spots. This means your skin can be uneven.

  1. Estrogen stimulates the production of collagen, which is found in muscles, bones, skin for example.

  2. Collagen is a hard substance that gives your skin, strength, and elasticity.

  3. As your body produces less estrogen in menopause, it means that your skin will lose its elasticity and shape, It will sag more

  4. Reduction of collagen means that along with saggier skin you are more prone to wrinkles too as your skin loses elasticity during menopause.


To reverse or minimize the effects that menopause has on your skin

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1. Use products that are moisturizing to wash with for example avoid sulfates and products that have alcohol in them apart from Cetearyl Alcohol

2. Use a moisturizer that contains water glycerine, but follow up with a natural face/ body oil like  Monshea shea oil with ylang-ylang or Monshea shea butter which is rich and absorbent, to moisturize soften your skin, and keep it hydrated. Try some here

4. Always use a sun protector, it protects your now more delicate skin from Sun harmful UV rays, reduces age spots, and helps minimize hyperpigmentation.

phytoestrogen foods

5. Diet eats a diet rich in phytoestrogens like avocado, berries, tofu flax seed, and soya will help to replace estrogen in your body from your diet as a result of menopause. Avoid dairy, alcohol, and caffeine.

  1. Exercise will relieve stress, boost circulation that slows with age. The extra oxygen will help your skin get brighter and healthier.

  2. Sleep. It is called beauty sleep for a reason. Sufficient night sleep also helps to balance hormones. Aim for 7-9 hours a night.


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Author Monigho Griffin Executive Menopause & Mindset Coach 🏆Founder of award-winning brand Monshea.

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