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6 reasons why menopausal women should still moisturise in the summer!


I am sure you agree with me when I say that the benefits of keeping your skin moisturized during the Winter are indisputable. But are you wasting your time and money, by keeping up a moisturizing regime during the Summer? 



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Short answer



These are the reasons why:

    1. One reason why you do not think it is necessary to moisturize in the summer is that you perspire. Perspire is not moisture. When you perspire it is the body’s way of cooling you down as you are ‘over heating’. It is not moisturizing your skin! To perspire, the body uses up a lot of water. The loss of fluids needs to be replaced by rehydrating.  Hydrating your skin with a moisturizing product helps to seal more moisture in your skin. Try one here.

  1. If you have dry skin, maybe as a result of the aging or changing process, please bear in mind that the sun, air conditioning, can strip away your natural oil, causing your skin to look or feel dry. If you decide not to moisturize during the summer season, the results of this habit would leave your skin more prone to wrinkles, and change the texture to be hard or leathery in appearance.
  2.  Hormonal changes that come with menopause, mean that your body will produce less oil. So, the use of a moisturizing oil today regardless of the season will be providing you with a good foundation to enjoy youthful and radiant skin.shea oil with ylang ylang
  3. Oily skin still needs moisturizing in the summer. The sebaceous glands (found mainly in the scalp or face) produce sebum. This is a natural oily or waxy matter that lubricates the hair and scalp. If your skin gets dry due to overexposure to the sun, your skin will go into overdrive producing more sebum. which can cause blemishes. It may sound counterproductive, but using an oil like  Monshea shea oil with ylang-ylang which is non-comedogenic,   will not block your pores, its innovative formula will balance your skin leaving it moisturized and not greasy.

5. If you enjoy swimming in the summer, you will be very aware of the drying effects that chlorine will have on your skin or hair. To protect your skin and hair. Apply moisture/ natural oil on your skin and hair before swimming which will act as a barrier to protect it.

  1. All hair types need protection from the sun. You can do this by shielding it from the sun by keeping it covered as much as possible. Adding oil onto your hair when it is wet or dry will contribute needed moisture that will minimize the frizzies and avoid a straw-like texture that is prone to breaking.       Monshea natural oil has a similar composition to sebum so it will absorb into the layers of your skin and hair, leaving it instantly smooth, softer, and more radiant. If you would like to try a free sample, order yours today here.

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