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What Menopause symptoms occur to your hair

The transition to Menopause is marked by numerous symptoms that affect women differently, they can be internal symptoms or external symptoms.

 Let’s look at the external symptoms to your hair because of the transition to Menopause.


What is Menopause?


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Menopause signifies the end of the menstrual cycle. Your period will stop forever when you reach Menopause.

 You officially reach Menopause 12 months after your last period. That is the day you can say you are in Menopause. Twenty-four hours after that you are in Post- Menopause.

The symptoms you experience occur in the transition to menopause or perimenopause (before menopause). This natural process occurs as your body is reducing the amount of estrogen and progesterone hormone.


Symptoms of Menopause on your hair

If you are in your mid-forties and you noticed that your hair starts to look thinner, partings are wider and the texture feels a little drier or even coarse and grows slower, these are all examples of the symptoms of menopause on your hair.


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This happens as the reduction of estrogen & progesterone hormones (the hormones connected to the female reproductive ability). Your hair has a ‘shorter’ growing phase. Leaving you with shorter hair.

 This also means that you have fewer hair follicles, which means the hair that does grow is thinner. This also impacts the natural oil production of your hair.

These menopause symptoms are the reason why your hair will be thinner, shorter, and drier as you transition to Menopause.

Compare this to when you were pregnant. Your hair grew thicker and longer as a result of the increased estrogen.

Once the baby was born and estrogen levels are reduced, you suffered hair loss, That is what is happening now you are transitioning to Menopause.


 So, what can you do about this?


  1. Do not worry

 Stress and anxiety can antagonize all of your menopause symptoms, and it will certainly make your hair health worse.

 Worrying about it is counterproductive as it will contribute to further hair loss. Rather be practical. 

You must have sufficient sleep to repair and renew your body.

Be balanced and not overwork yourself to minimize stress in your lifestyle. If something is giving you anxiety, seek out support for it, if it is beyond your ability to change, focus on what you can do rather than what you cannot.

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2. Diet

 A natural way of reducing menopause symptoms is by having a diet rich in phytoestrogens. They act like estrogen in your body and help to raise the levels.

This can be food substances like fruit and vegetables i.e., sesame seeds flax seeds pomegranate apple cranberries carrots. , Miso, Tofu for example.


3. Physical Exercise

Regular exercise helps with menopause symptoms generally but it is also important to bear in mind that when you exercise blood circulation increases, allowing for more nutrients and oxygen to get to your scalp.

4. Act

Speak to a doctor or a trichologist for medical solutions or therapy regarding some sort of medical alternatives or products that may resolve your hair issues, if it is a concern to you.

Changing your hairstyle to a shorter one can make your hair look fuller.


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5. Hair treatment

You need to hydrate internally and externally. So it is vital to drink lots of fluids during the day. Avoid caffeine alcohol and fizzy drinks as much as possible.

To maximize the hydration externally you may have to change some of your hair care products

Avoid shampoos with sulfates as they are drying to your hair. Also, reduce hot hair irons and blow-drying

If your hair is frizzy or lost its shine

If you have

High porosity hair  use an absorbing and moisturizing natural oil like Pure Shea oil  either after you put on the conditioner, or when needed

Low porosity hair use a product that has vegetable glycerine or aloe vera


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