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27 reasons to love Pure Shea Oil.

Do you enjoy lavishing your body with rich natural oils that have numerous uses and multiple benefits?

If so. you will love Shea oil (sometimes called Shea nut oil)!

What is Shea oil?

How can it benefit you?

Well here are 27 reasons to love Pure shea oil.


monshea shea oil for skin hair



1. Pure shea oil can be produced by being fractionated from Shea butter as a by-product.  It essentially has all the benefits you love about Shea butter.

2. Pure shea oil can also be produced by being cold pressed from Shea nuts. This method consumes more Shea nuts.

3. Unrefined shea oil has more of the stearic fatty acid in it and has a higher viscosity it looks more like a cream than an oil.

4. Refined shea oil has a lower viscosity. It is a thinner oil it will liquefy at lower temperatures than coconut oil making it an excellent carrier oil for skin and hair care products.

5. Pure shea oil is not watered-down shea butter, nor is it mixed with other oils to give it, its viscosity. This gives you the option to appreciate the difference between Pure shea oil compared to other oils that you may have tried

6. Pure shea oil contains vitamins A, E, and F. It has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and evens your skin tone.

7. Pure shea oil composition means you can use it without any manipulation to moisturize your face, hair, and body. It is incredibly rich, absorbs almost instantly and a little goes a very long way! 

8. Pure Shea oil can be used to moisturize every member of the family's skin including babies. It will leave your skin with a healthy glow with all-day hydration.

9. Pure shea oil is non-comedogenic, so it will not block your pores. You can safely use this as the face or body oil moisturizer. Substituting shea oil for your face serum.

10. It is occlusive. This means it blocks water loss from the outer layer of your skin. It has the most significant effect when applied to moist or damp skin, it will not leave your skin greasy like alternatives Petrolatum jelly, Lanolin, mineral oil, cocoa butter, or coconut oil.

11. It is an emollient. These are long-chain saturated fatty acids (stearic, linoleic, oleic fatty acids) which are commonly used in cosmetic formulations or topical applications. When incorporated into moisturizers, it helps to soften the skin through the filling of spaces between the skin cells. Moreover, it can act as a barrier to water loss when applied to the skin.


shea oil shea nut oil



12. You can use Pure shea oil as a daily oil face cleanser to remove dirt or makeup. It will not block your pores or dry out your skin.

13. It has a great slip, so you can use it as a massage oil to help alleviate stiff or aching muscles, that occur through exercising or arthritis or rheumatism.

14. The anti-inflammatory properties benefits of Pure shea oil can be used to minimize and clear bumps that have occurred from growing facial hairs. Massage some shea oil in the area that is affected.

15. The vitamin E component in Shea oil will fade skin scars, acne scarring, and stretch marks gradually over time and will even your skin tone. This will give you a smooth monotone complexion.

16. Apply Pure shea oil to your skin before swimming. This will provide your skin with a protective barrier and minimize the drying effects of exposing your skin to chlorine.

17. Pure shea oil will soften dry skin immediately. It will leave your skin feeling like silk

18. If your hair looks dull, or lost its shine, you can add pure shea oil to your conditioner to add extra sheen to color-treated hair or curly hair.

19. You can use Pure shea oil as daily hair oil or add a small amount to your hair before blow-drying. This will help to minimize frizzy hair or dry-looking hair.

20. Pure shea oil will stop hair from getting dry. This will minimize hair breakage.

21. You can use Pure shea oil on your nails and cuticles. This will strengthen your nails and soften your cuticles.

22. You can use Pure shea oil under your eyes as an eye cream.  This will minimize fine lines and fade dark circles when applied under your eyes at night.

23. Pure shea oil is rich and highly absorbent. It will moisturize all skin types including sensitive and dry skin.

24. You can use it to help moisturize dry skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis. The moisturizing or oleic fatty acid component in the oil will help to improve its appearance.

25. You can use shea oil as a day or a night cream. This will help to keep your skin moisturized during the day and rejuvenate it overnight.

26. It contains a high amount of oleic fatty acid. This is the moisturizing component of natural oils meaning it is more moisturizing and absorbent than both Argan and Coconut oil. This means it will not leave you with greasy skin but feel tight and dry underneath.

 27. Pure shea oil has a shelf life of 3 years. This makes it a purchase offering excellent value for money.



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