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12 Dry Skin Causes and 13 Ways to Prevent it!


You have dry skin, but have you ever wondered what caused it and whether you can pick up some new tips on how to prevent it?

Let's examine 12 Dry skin causes  first.


  1. Environmental i.e. Harsh weather conditions like heat and cold dry out the skin. During colder seasons there is less moisture in the air, which in turn takes moisture away from exposed skin leaving it looking and feeling dry. In hotter seasons The sun's heat dries out areas of unprotected skin and depletes the skin's supply of natural lubricating oils.
  2. Family history of asthma. Eczema or atopic dermatitis increases the likelihood of experiencing a dry skin condition.
  3. Eczema, psoriasis, and diabetes can lead to dehydration and consequently dries your skin.

 4, It can be a reaction to your medication.

  1. Aging skin tends to become thinner, therefore prone to being dry.
  2. Hormonal changes that are linked to menopause mean that your body produces less natural oil which can lead to dry skin and hair.

7, Poor diet and eating disorders, malnutrition causes dry skin.

  1. Consumption of caffeinated drinks and alcohol is a cause.
  2. Your selection of bathing Soap can have a huge impact on dry skin our skin is acid. 4.2- 5.5 and most soaps are alkaline. Once our skin is over our PH it will lose moisture.
  3. Some Soaps, liquid soaps, body gels contain A surfactant, the surfactants clean dirt and remove it from the surface of our skin. Unfortunately, it also removes your natural oil or l sebum. leaving your skin dry. this is evidenced when your skin feels tight and dry after washing. Common sulfates that may be in your cleaning products are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)and sodium Laureth ether sulfate (SLES).
  4. Washing of hands and overuse of hand sanitizers that contain alcohol can cause dry and cracked skin.
  5. Hard water  Minerals in hard water make it very difficult for your soap or shampoo to dissolve, This can encourage the use of more product, (to get a lather) which in turn means that when rinsing you will still be left with a residue of product on your skin. This can cause dry itchy, irritated skin

How to Prevent Dry Skin?

  1. Try to avoid  taking long hot baths or showers  This prevents your body from losing  its natural oils
  2. Use non-biological washing powder which may help dry and sensitive skin
  3. Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day to hydrate skin
  4. A healthy diet containing mackerel, eggs, fruits, avocado, oatmeal, seeds tomatoes, green tea, collagen powder. It Will help to improve the moisture.
  5. Use a naturally moisturizing soap that does not contain sulfates,
  6. Avoid skincare products that have isopropyl alcohol as an ingredient. This is drying to the skin and can cause sensitivity.lady using shea oil for dry skin, dry skin causes. dry skin patches
  7. Use of creams, body butter will help you to stop losing moisture from your skin, They can be made with products like lanolin, mineral oil, and or petroleum. They are called emollients, A Natural unrefined version of a natural emollient is Almond oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, and shea oil. You can try one here
  8. Avoid moisturizers that are perfumed.
  9. Exfoliating will help to remove dead skin cells that make your skin look dry. Use a product rather than an exfoliating cloth or brush.

  10. Products made with Aloe vera or Glycerine are helpful. They are humectants, This means it draws moisture from lower levels of your skin or the environment.
  11. Products made with Aloe Vera or Glycerine are helpful. They are humectants, which means it draws moisture from lower levels of your skin or the environment.
  12.  Green Tea, Chamomile, and Peppermint tea will either hydrate or have anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties antioxidants that are beneficial in skin repairing and regrowth. They also help to visibly reverse the damages occurring under the layers of the skin due to the aging process.
  13. Apply moisturizer to damp skin rather than dry as it will help to seal and lock in the moisture better. Try one here 


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